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First Post!

Hi all,

Welcome to my new blog. I have a bad obsession with blowing through new computer hardware so I figured I may as well start reviewing it all, along with sharing my build logs. I’ll be attempting to do reviews of all the current hardware I own and my thoughts on past hardware that people may still be interested in buying. I’ve been building computers for the past 6 years but it didn’t take over my life until I finished my first i7 build. I’ll start things off with a quick run down of the build that started it all. The pictures aren’t in that great of order.

This one lasted me January 2011-November 2011.

My first build consisted of the following:

  • Intel Core i7 950
  • Asus Sabertooth X58
  • G.Skill 24GB [6x4GB] 1333Mhz
  • Silverstone ST1500W
  • 2x Sony DVD-R/RW
  • Corsair 800D
  • XSPC Rasa CPU Block
  • FrozenQ 250mL Double Helix Reservoir
  • Swiftech MCP655 pump
  • WD 74GB Raptor 10K RPM HDD
  • 2x WD 1TB HDDs in Raid 0
  • MSI 6990 – Also had a Diamond 5970 for bitcoins in there at one point

Later down the road I was able to pick up an Asus Mars II at a great price and had the fortune to play around with it for quite a while. I hope you enjoy the first post and I’ll have many more to come with the subsequent builds.



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